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From domestic gardens to commercial and rural areas, we offer a wide range of fencing types to suit your individual needs, location and climate.

Paling Fence

Paling fences are all built manually, and can be adapted to fit almost all situations. These fences are very good in windy areas due to their aerodynamic qualties.

Feather Edge Fence

Featheredge fences are much like pailing fences, but offer much more privacy and a more stylish appearance.

European Fence

European panel fences are very aesthetically pleasing and offer many different style options. All panels are double sided and are great for both sides of the fence.


We supply pre-made or bespoke gates to fit all spaces. Every gate is installed with gateposts and any surrounding fencing can be made to match.


All of our turf is freshly cut and supplied from local sources. The ground will be leveled and soiled before the turf is laid.

Bespoke Ideas

No job is too small. We are happy to consult with you on your own designs and offer knowledge and advice on garden planning.

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